Medical Healing Therapy

Drug Free Relief from Pain and Inflammation

The Science:

The HD Laser and Low Level Laser safely stimulate cellular metabolism, maximize cell function and speed the healing process. By increasing the activity of the mitochondria, your laser therapy session increases blood flow to the affected areas resulting in removal of harmful toxins and replenishment of oxygen and nutrients. Improved supply of oxygen and blood products supports the repair of damaged tissues. At the same time, improvement of circulation into deep tissue removes waste products from the area that may delay healing and cause pain. As damaged tissue recovers, important blood borne products are depleted. Re-supply of these healing nutrients to the deep tissue injury supports recovery from over exercise or trauma. At the same time the affected area receives supplemental blood supply, other local tissues are also reinforced. This general improvement in cellular function supports improved overall recovery while rapidly healing and relieving pain.  

This modality of care offers patients risk-free and non-painful means of treating a variety of pain syndromes related to the head and neck area. As part of the post-op treatment, regarding all patients, is the access to laser therapy to help patients quickly with decreased postoperative symptoms.

HD Laser

This revolutionary technology allows a patient experiencing chronic muscle pain or fatigue to feel relief quickly. The high power of the HD LaserTM exceeds the power of the conventional “cold laser,” and allows healing energy to penetrate deeper and reach a greater volume of affected tissue. The result is shortened treatment time and prompt improvement in pain.

Drug Free Relief from Pain and Inflammation:


Shin Splints

Jaw Pain

Plantar Fasciitis


Chronic Pain

Wound Care

Sciatic Fasciitis 


Sports Injuries

Pulled Muscles

Back and Neck

Pain Nerve Regeneration


Carpal Tunnel Mobility

Acute Pain